Sun, you rise each and every way, veiled by clouds or promoting a bluebird day. Though you bring smiles to they, how can we capture you in another way?

OK – that’s the most poetry I’ve recited in since high school. Spring is sprung here (Currently in Calgary, Alberta) and I am all kinds of stoked about the summer ahead. Let’s get you ready too, and prepared to capture a bit of that sunshine.

Solar is dropping dramatically in price each year. Have you heard of Tesla’s Solar Roof? so much development happening in this industry. I managed to put together my PV kit for under $600 CAD (excluding batteries) and suspect that as you are reading this, can likely do it for cheaper.

Pre-build Considerations

Roof rails: They make life easier. I ordered mine with the stock feature ($160 or so) from the factory. If you don’t have them, a lot of this content won’t be helpful.

Crossbars: Brand name xbars are several hundred dollars. One length of unistrut was $20 and the final product is sturdy as heck. See ‘Specs’ for details on the cut lengths & dimensions.

Layout: I pushed my solar panels as far forward as I could to make room for a Thule Alpine box and a rooftop patio. Next-level parking lot sunsets.

Sequence: The roof drilling component for the combiner box could be easily coupled in with your fan installation. Save some efforts and tackle both at once.

Product Mentions

Renogy 200W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Bundle Kit Mono-PWM

LINKSolar Weatherproof Combiner Box  – Provides waterproof ingress for electrical wiring

Sikaflex 221 – Sealant for combiner box, hard to find high quality brands like Sikaflex at local home improvement stores in Canada

The balance of supplies should be available to you locally. Speaking of supplies…

Spec Sheet & Supplies

Spreadsheets? Spreadsheets. Everybody loves spreadsheets.

(Download a high quality printable pdf here)

Post-build Reflections

Eurocampers sells threaded sliders for crossbar adaptation. Pay the couple bucks more and have a ready to use product

Questions or comments? Leave em’ down low!

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