Access to the roof can bring much utility to your Sprinter van… additional storage, access for solar & fan maintenance, and sweet sweet sunset views from the rooftop patio (coming SOON!)

While it’s great to have a piece of shiny aluminum hanging off your door, considerations should be made about the other elements that will exist on your roof. Air conditioning? solar panel & fan arrangement? We have oriented everything forward, with the tail of the solar panels just extending beyond the rear edge of the roof fan, creating a solid 6’x4′ space on the roof… plenty of room for ACTIVITIES!

Drilling holes in the van was a great source of anxiety in other facets of the build, thus my main buyer criteria was to avoid that game. The two prominent options in the market are the Aluminess side-access ladder (roof rails required), and Prime Design’s rear-door access ladder.

Prime Design option (specs here) worked for the Canavan because:

  • Lower cost, $295 vs $465 (USD)
  • Preference for rear vs side mount, not wanting to widen the vehicle body
  • No drilling. Nada. Clamp & Go.

Included in the packaging is step-by-step instructions. While the video can act as a rough guide… I’d still encourage giving them a quick glance 😉

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  1. Chris Manderson
    Chris Manderson says:

    Love your roof deck solution! I’m working on my own conversion for the same year/model sprinter as yours here in Calgary as well. I’ve been kicking around ideas for a DIY deck and I think I might be copying you 🙂 Did you source the ladder here in Calgary?

    • sjacklin
      sjacklin says:

      Hey Chris! Thanks for the compliment and I’m glad you like it.

      The ladders came from Prime Designs upfitting shop in Portland, OR. I received a quote from a local shop here in Calgary for over $900. O&G premium to the next level! It was $298 USD stateside, plus a trip to an awesome city for your efforts 🙂 Let me know if you have any other questions relating vandom!

  2. Lisa Ann Schontzler
    Lisa Ann Schontzler says:

    Hi. Looks great. Love the color of your van. I’m looking into this ladder as well, but in black. I was wondering if the ladder interferes with with your backup camera or any other technology your van may have?
    Thanks, Losa


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